Wollen Pullovers

While entering the upper Himalayan region, one can find a lot of women knitting something or the other whether they are outside their homes or just strolling down the street. Woollen pullovers are a necessity for the people of Himachal due to the severe cold weather they have to face for most part of the year.
Knitted Sweaters
These days one may get knitted handmade sweaters or the ones made by knitting machines. Knitting is not only used for marketing woollen pullovers but it is also a hobby of the women belonging to upper villages. These sweaters are not only warm but also customised to suit the style needs of all. Various types of wool are used as per the requirements of the customers to make a fine piece of sweater. There are sweaters for all ages and gender. Long and short, heavy and light, all varieties are available in various handloom showrooms of Himachal Pradesh.
Prices- Prices may range from 300INR- 5000INR
Himachal Tweed Coats
Tweed, known as ‘Patti’ in Himachal is a coarse fabric made up of sheep wool. It is woven on handloom. The close neck coats called Nehru Coats are woven out of them. According to the traditions, the wool for making gowns for men is obtained from the first shearing of a lamb.
Prices- 800INR- 10000INR
Woollen Jackets
Nehru jackets, multi- coloured jackets, V- shape and reversible jackets and many more varieties of heavy woollen wear are woven throughout Himachal to fulfil the need of winters in this area. These days a variety of jackets are available in different designs, patterns and texture of the wool used. The cloth used in these jackets is woven on handloom which preserves its traditional outlook.
Prices- 500INR- 5000INR

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