Traditional Dresses

The dress of the people of Himachal is as vibrant as their inherent nature. These dresses include colourful Cholas and Dhatus and a wide range of ornaments made up of gold and silver. There are separate dresses for different regions within the state of Himachal Pradesh. These may be classified into the following districts whose attire is described as below:


• MEN- Men in Kullu wear Cholas which is a long coat with pleats. A piece of cloth called Dora is used as a belt around the waist. Suthan is worn as a pant. Lachhoo (a blanket) or Chaddar (also called Loi, is a gents shawl) is used to cover the shoulders. Kullu cap, a woollen colourful cap with Kullvi pattern over it, is worn on the head.
• WOMEN- Women wear Pattoo which is a long shawl like cloth but a bit thicker. It has beautiful and colourful borders and is worn with the help of silver broaches and chains called Boomini. Gachi, a small piece of thin cloth is used as a waist belt. Dhatu or Thipu is a small square cloth used to cover the head. Pullas are footwear made out of the fibre woven out of marijuana stems. They are made attractive by using thread work for making designs over it.

• MEN- Men in Chamba wear Cholas tied on the waist with the help of a black piece of wool. They wear Suthans as pants. To cover the head the traditional Himachali cap is worn.
• WOMEN- Women wear a long gown called Pashwaj with a lot of pleats which goes touching the ground. A white shirt-like blouse is worn to cover the upper body and is accompanied by a black belt on the waist. To cover the head these women wear Pairahan which serves the purpose of a Dupatta.

• MEN- Kinnauri men wear Chaman Kurti as woollen shirts and a woollen coat called Chhuba. A sleeveless woollen coat can also be worn over the Chhuba. Kinnauri cap called Thepand is worn on the head to protect from extreme cold.
• WOMEN- Women wear a dark coloured woollen shawl type rap round called Dohru. A full sleeves blouse called Choli is worn inside the Dohru. This is decorated with woollen lining. Head wear is same as that of men. In addition footwear made of goat hair is worn to provide for warmth.

• MEN- The traditional dress of Kangra is quite simple with men wearing Kurta and Pyjamas with a woollen sleeveless jacket over it.
• WOMEN- Women wear simple Salwar and Kameez along with a Chunni called Chaddru in the local dialect.

• MEN- Men in Spiti wear loose frock- type coat called Righoay, Thakpa or Charlak depending on the material used to make the i.e. wool, goat skin or goat fur respectively. Lahauli men have a bit different costume. They wear loose trousers called Suthan over which they wear a Kurta. The Kurta is accompanied by a long and loose Tibetan gown called Kattar usually brown or white in colour. The coat is tied at the waist with a sash.
• WOMEN- Women of Spiti wear a coat along with a sash. They also wear loose red trousers which are tucked in their boots from the ends. In Lahaul, women wear tight fitting pants called Pyzama and a ladies gown called Dugpo with a sash around the waist. During winters they wear a jacket outside the Dugpo but they may also use woollen Chaddars which is a thick shawl.

• MEN- Men in Shimla wear simple Kurta Pyjama with a black sleeveless jacket called Sadri. The traditional Himachali cap is worn for the head.
• WOMEN- Women wear Chudidar Pyajama with Kurta usually in bright colours. They also wear a small sleeveless jacket over it called Reshta. For the head they wear a small piece of cloth called Dhatu.

• MEN- A knee length Chola is worn by men along with Suthan. These are usually ivory in colour. Head is covered by a turban or a Himachali cap.
• WOMEN- Women wear Choli and multi- plated Ghaghra with Churidar Pyjami and a Dupatta to cover the head.

• MEN- For the men the traditional dress comprises of Kurta Pyjama with a black sleeveless jacket. Himachali cap is worn on the head.
• WOMEN- Women in Sirmour wear Ghaghra and Choli with a chudidar Pyjami and a Dupatta.

• MEN- In Solan too, men wear Kurta Pyjama with Sadri. Himachali cap is a plus.
• WOMEN- Women wear Salwar Kameez or Chudidar Pyjami with Reshta i.e. a small black jacket.

• MEN- Simple Kurta Pyjama is worn by men.
• WOMEN- Women wear Salwar and Kameez.

• MEN- Men wear traditional Kurta Pyjama.
• WOMEN- Women wear Salwar- Kameez resembling the attire of the plains.

• MEN- Men in Hamirpur wear Kurta Pyjama with a sleeveless black jacket.
• WOMEN- Kurta with Salwar or a Chudidar Pyjami is worn by women.