Himachal caps

Himalayas are treated with cold and chilly weather due to high altitude. To serve the purpose of protecting people from this type of climate, round and warm woollen caps were discovered by Sh. Devi Prakash Sharma. At first 20 bordered caps were put up during the exhibition at the Kullu Dussehra in 1967 which became so popular in the market that they are in vogue even today. The velvet caps are mainly worn by the people of the trans- Himalayan region especially Kinnaur and Chamba while the patterned caps are popular in Shimla, Kangra and Kullu region.
These caps are made out of pure Pashmina or Angora wool and form a major part of the exports of the state. These caps have attractive geometrical patterns in different and vibrant colours. Most of the craftsmen of the region are engaged in the manufacturing of such caps. There are intricate designs on the sides of these caps woven out of beautiful and colourful threads. These caps not only serve as a saviour during severe cold but are also quite stylish in their looks.
Prices of these caps range from 200 INR- 1000 INR. Following are the basis on which their expensiveness depends:
• Pattern and border- The caps with more detailed patterns are a bit more expensive due to the labour involved in weaving them.
• Wool used- The caps woven from pure wool would definitely be costlier than the ones made from coarse or mixed wool.
• Sizes- These caps come in various sizes and the prices may vary as per the size chosen by the customer.
• Texture of the border- If the border is made of velvet it will be a bit cheaper than the ones made out of colourful thread and geometrical patterns.

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