Himachal in 21st Century

Popularly known as ‘DevBhoomi’, meaning the abode of Gods and Goddesses, Himachal Pradesh is in itself a culturally diverse state. It’s location amidst the Himalayas and the free flowing crystal clear rivers have always been an undoubted attraction for peace lovers. With its varied cultural bonanzas like the Summer Festival, Lavi fair, Kullu Dussehra, Minjar Mela etc., it has kept its heritage alive.

Today, Himachal Pradesh is not just a scenic beauty; it is the first smoke-free state of the India and the second largest carbon-free state in the world. The Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area located in Kullu district, is now in the World Heritage list. Banning plastic throughout the state has made it more eco-friendly than ever. Being abundant in rivers, a number of hydro projects have been set up in the state providing 25% of the national potential of energy. Recently, Himachal Pradesh has been announced to be hosting the first paragliding world cup in India being held in 2015. Many other adventure sports like trekking, skiing and rafting have gained popularity among the tourists, with a number of mountaineering institutes in the region providing training for the same.

Literacy rate in Himachal is one of the highest in India with special reference to female education. Himachal Pradesh has also given the country a number of intellectuals who have helped in the development of the country and made it proud in the foreign land as well. Due to its favorable climatic conditions and almost two-thirds of the total area covered with forests, it is one of the centers for agro-based, mineral-based and forest-based industries. Not to forget, the advancement of its hand-loom industry, which was earlier home-based, has now become one of the biggest exports of this state. Tourism has picked up pace as the largest income earner for Himachal due to the accessibility made easy over the years. This has been made possible due to its excellent regional linkages via road, rail and air. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, Himachal provides its visitors an array of ultimate holiday destinations and trips to be remembered for a lifetime.

Even the Trans-Himalayan region has made great progress with transportation and communication spread all over the area along with hydro projects that have been set up here in the recent times. Himachal Pradesh, after being tagged as a state of India, has evolved and grown to become one of the most progressive states of the country. Since the primitive times till the 21st century, a drastic upward movement has been witnessed in Himachal in every area of activity. Today, Himachal Pradesh is not just a tourist attraction but has a lot more to it and still impresses the world with its advancements and growth over the years. One of the most desirable places on earth, Himachal is indeed incredible and a must visit for all.

Be it the British summer capital of India (Shimla) or the home in exile for the Dalai Lama (Dharamshala), this state has a lot to offer for everyone.